I didn't know where else to put this so......
I am trying to get PCSX2 to work on my Widows XP...
which doesn't have internet...

when i hit run cd (which i have made into an ISO...)
*and yes its running from the right drive*

it tells me to update my directx
so i did.. my PC now has Directx 10....
and its still telling me to update it!

Does anyone know what to do?

Please and thank you,

With Love,

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open and run this


btw, if you made an iso of your game, why are you still trying to run it from your optical drive?
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okay i installed it.. now i get these messages



i don't know,
but is there a way to make the CPU compatible ?
(and i meant the iso drive.. in daemon tools! lol)
Yuffie: Dont use the SSSE3 plugin, you have an AMD processor which only has SSE3 (notice 1 "S" less)

please use the SSE2 plugin.
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Oh my god..
i am such an idiot..

you see it worked perfectly on my Vista.. just a bit buggy..
so i just copied everything to a flash drive.. and transferred it..

and i was like.. why is XP not working
Thank you so much..

but should i run is software or hardware mode???
well your card is pretty good, so unless you are having severe graphical issues, stick to hardware mode.
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and use Linuz Iso instead for your iso (unmount the iso first) Smile
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