I found best settings (MBP 2012 Retina i5)
Hi guys! Just made my PS2 games run smooth on MacBook Pro 13 2012 Retina (i5, intel 4000 GPU, 8gb RAM).

This settings may be helpful for MBP 2012-2015 Retina with integrated GPU. Btw, i connect my MacBook to TV with HDMI and it doesn't show any significant delay.

Tested with Katamari Damacy, Tekken 5, GTA SA, Flatout 2, Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

First, let's check we use unzoomed settings of the Screen/Monitor. Choose Default here:

[Image: 2022-07-19-10-43-43.png]

Next just set everything up like i did. 

[Image: 2022-07-19-10-37-42.png]
[Image: 2022-07-19-10-37-13.png]
[Image: 2022-07-19-10-37-08.png]

If you have some options greyed, unclick a checkbox "Preset" in bottom left corner.

Move next. I use "Automatic" for the Renderer, but it sets to "Metal" in game (btw i don't have M1, it is i5. But "OpenGL" and "Software" work horrible). So try to set the Renderer to "Automatic" or "Metal" even if you use i5 MBP

[Image: 2022-07-19-10-36-27.png][Image: 2022-07-19-10-36-37.png][Image: 2022-07-19-10-36-43.png][Image: 2022-07-19-10-36-50.png][Image: 2022-07-19-10-36-56.png]

Maybe i used useless settings. So if anybody knows that some of this settings don't affect FPS rate much (or slow everything down), let me know.

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