I got Some Expert Questions to Ask
Hi People..
I watch your actions since 2004 ^_^ I love your Emu, I love your fantastic steps and of course i love your amateur soul! Smile

I spend very much hours to make Pcsx2 work stable on my computer.. Some games works very well Coolbut some games doesn't work like a tiger indeed.. Unsure

I got a couple versions of Pcsx2, i got retro versions, i got 9.6 & 9.7 public beta versions and of course stable versions of these..

Ico and Rumble Roses doesnt work very vell, i seek it our forum, i saw a couple threads for these games but doesnt work for me..

These games works around 60-70fps

Ico has a weird fog and Rumble rosses works slow mo..

I'm very good at emu's, especially Pcsx2, trust me Smile I seek radical suggestions and "Ok pal, try this version emu and plugins, Ico is work great with this" like answers Biggrin

My Laptop Config:
Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz
Geforce 9600GT
4Giga Ram

Thanks for reading..

Greetings from Istanbul Smile

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I assume you use Gsdx plugin and about that fog, open GSdx.ini file in the "inis" folder of the pcsx2 folder. Change AllowHacks= 0 line to AllowHacks= 1. If you can't find that line add it manually. Then go to Config -> Video -> Plugin Settings and set SkipDraw Hack to 2 or 3.

About the other game, have you tried to turn on some speed hacks? As I haven't played it I don't know if it demands too much resource or not. Smile

Greetings from Istanbul Tongue
People only know what you have told them.
PyramidHead dostum, demek buralardaydın Smile

Şimdi AllowHacks olayını denedim ama olmadı malesef, bios ile alakalı demişler ama onunla da alakalı olmadığını farkettim, sadece software mod da fog gidiyor fakat bildiğin gibi görüntü kalitesi ve fps oldukça düşüyor..

PCSX2.Net beware, Turks here Smile
First of all read the forum rule no 5:

"This is an English only forum, please do not post in any other language." Laugh

I'll send you a PM.
People only know what you have told them.
I got some extra fps from various settings with less image quality lost, Rumble Roses working very well now, but Ico Fog problem still with usSmile

I plan to made a Pcsx2 Lowend Pc Performance Guide soon..

Thanks Dostum Laugh
ICO fog... i believe GSDX skipdraw hacks might be your salvation there!
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(01-08-2011, 09:37 PM)refraction Wrote: ICO fog... i believe GSDX skipdraw hacks might be your salvation there!

No way mate.. I try many pcsx2 versions, many plugins.. It's only dissappear with softmod but, it does not resolution for this problem.. Thanks anyway..
"I'm very good at emu's, especially Pcsx2, thrust me"!
(01-08-2011, 10:07 PM)kickstand Wrote: "I'm very good at emu's, especially Pcsx2..

What? You'r a English teacher or something? It's a shame for me but it's also a little funny Tongue

If you got a solution please share us Smile

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