I have 2 more strange questions. Sorry
Hi sorry to trouble you all again. I have 2 questions that for the life of me I cant seem to figure out. Could you answer them for me to direct me to a proper tutorial?

1. How can I used cheats in game? I am running 1.0.0. Does it come with cheat files or do I need to get my own. And when I have them how do I run them in game?

2. How can I run Japanese games patched with English like Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Or Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System? I have found them with English patches but haven't gotten them yet. Do they run like normal or do I have to do something to get the working?

I am running 1.0.0. If you need any more info about my Comp It would be no prob posting it.

Thank you all very much for your support!

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those patches may cause hangups or crashes.
they are mostly made to play on your PS2, not on the emu.
About the cheats, there's a whole stickied thread about this
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Go to the PCSX2 folder and there should be a folder called cheats, in this folder is where you put the cheats. In order to make them you have to first make a pnach with the CRC for the game you're getting the cheats for. It will be in the log window when booting the game, should be easy to find, DON'T put the 0x on the end on. Once you have the CRC go into the cheats folder and make a text (txt) document, put the CRC in for the file name and change the txt extension to .pnach. Now that you've made the pnach file you need to find the cheats for the game, once you do convert them to raw, omniconverter works just fine for that. Once the cheats are converted to raw you need to change them into the format PCSX2 uses, this is patch=1,EE,XXXXXXXX,extended,XXXXXXXX put the codes in where the X's are. That's how you do it manually, there's a program to do it for you but i forget what it is, look it up if you want but i find that unless you're using a very large amount of cheats you probably won't have any trouble just typing it out. To disable a cheat just put // in front of it. Also make sure you have cheats enable in PCSX2.

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