I have 2 questions , please help
Hi. I hope I get an answer Happy
I have two questions :
1) I'm from Argentina , and that means I'm downloading my games , of course , in Spanish. I download them on *snip* because I know it's a safe place to download emulated games and it has a lot of games. In the title it says (Europe , En,Fr,De,Es,It) And I'm wondering how do I put the games on Spanish? I have the options before starting the game of wich language I want like in the Sims 2?
2) I downloaded The Simpsons Game from here (*link removed*) And when I downloaded it , in the respective folder there are 37 .rar files , I extract the first one thinking that I would get the entire .iso but no , I get the iso of that rar and the emulator refuse it. ¿What can I do? ¿Do I select every .rar and extract all of them? I had the same problem with Sims 2 Castaway , but just extracting the first .rar the entire iso appeared.
Have a nice day and I hope I get an answer.

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