I have a question about DEMO
Hello everyone, I am looking for a demo, which was presented on actually presentation of PS2 and on youtube there can be easily found an old low-quality video of this demo. Here is it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG0j1hDZZUU
I found it very interesting and would launch it on PCSX2 (btw if this demo exist, is PCSX2 able to play it?) or maybe on hardware console, but google couldn't help me to find actually the ISO file of this demo. 
If anyone knows something about this demo, please tell me where can I find it, or where else to ask?
(Sorry for bad English and if this is maybe wrong forum thread to ask such questions)

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It's a tech demo, they're used to show off a new console's capabilities, it's never a playable game.

Square Enix did a Final Fantasy 7 tech demo years ago to show what the PS3 could do, people thought it was a remake but it wasn't, at least we got it now Smile

So no, that's not a playable game demo or anything, it's just a showcase.
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Yeah I remember that demo of never-released FF7 remake for ps3 and I consider it as a huge scam from Sony because many people actually bought a ps3 hoping to play this remake. But I thought maybe in earlyer days they weren't such scammers :-)
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