I have a widescreen problem
I might post some unneeded info but its just to try to help you give me the best solution possible.

Alright so about a year ago I had a desktop pc. I believe I downloaded a preconfigured pcsx2 build and it was epic.

I was using it for FFXII and it was ran under I believe 1024x768.

it looked like this when it ran. (ignore the white, forgot to resize on paint Tongue )

[Image: shouldlook.png]

I loved its sleekness with the black bars on top and bottom and really just made the image more crisp.

I am now using a beast of a laptop, the max res is 1366x768. I tried to achieve the same thing but after 4 hours failed horribly. Now no matter what I do the image looks like.

[Image: shouldntlook.png]

What am I doing or need to do to achieve this.

I figured its plugins or maybe my nvidia control panel settings.

IM using the latest build with stock plugins.

I have a 1gb GDDR5 GPU
it supports I believe shader model 3-4
and DX 10.1
I run a i5 proc
4 gigs of ddr3 ram

Any plugins you guys recommend? or solutions? Options tweaks? Version change?

And while I am at it, what would be the best Xbox 360 controller plugin.

I know "use the search" but there are many mixed reviews.

Pleasehelp me, Rabanastre needs me to save it from political corruption.

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Cycle aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3, stretch) with F6. You can also choose it from Config -> Emulation settings -> GS Window.

If you're left with black bars, you can zoom in with CTRL+[numpad-plus], zoom out with CTRL+[numpad-minus], and reset zoom with CTRL+[numpad-*].
Remember that while playing FFXII you can also adjust the aspect resolution that the game renders at from the game's config menu.
I want the black bars on the top and bottom.

not a full screen image.

i want 1/3 black bard then 1/3 game then 1/3 bottom black bar.

This isnt for FFXII its for games in general
One of the most weird ideas I've ever known. PCSX2 can't do it, but I have a temporary solution. Get a black tape and cover the top and bottom of your screen with it. It works for all games, as you wish.
that would cut off the half the picture, i want the whole picture just not stretched fullscreen.

refer to picture 1 for what im looking for, it can be done, it worked perfect on my old pc i just dont remember the settings
Lol man, you had 4:3 monitor previously (hence 1024x768 res) now you have 16:9 =_=; (1366x768 res) you DO see everything =_=; the black bars before were there previously just to compensate for different aspect ratio. And lol for a "love" to black bars... xD

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