I have note on version 0.9.8
hi i am mohammed from palestine.....and I like thank for anyone work in (PCSX2 project).
but I have note on version 0.9.8 she is very nice, and more faster than 0.9.7.
but in version 0.9.7 the ntsc/pal framerate is open and I can set FPS to 60 or more because the sound is broken in 50 fps and he is not nice.
for example my game **WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011** in 60 fps is more good than 50 fps (sound and GS)
I need in next version the ntsc/pal framerate is open.
and I thank one more time for anyone work in (PCSX2 project).
and we waiting the Sony PlayStation 3 emulator (PCSX3 project).
I am is not good in English language and I have errors. thanks


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You can change the NTSC/PAL Framerate from the pcsx2_vm.ini file.
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That option is too "dangerous" to the emulator timings, hence it being hidden now. How it actually works is misunderstood to most people still. Albeit you are not trying to get more FPS by changing it and actually wanting to change those timings, would make a bit more sense trying first reducing the value instead increasing it, try it and report if successful, please.

The point is that parameter is not about FPS but the actual TV Refresh rate, in the emulation it means the actual FPS the emulation must run to be "correct"... I mean, if certain machine is having troubles to run at the default value, harder yet would be to reach a greater FPS. In your particular case it may not be the case (I don't know that game) but if the desync is produced by incorrect FPS or forced FPS by means of hacks, reducing that default value could make more sense.

PS: To general audience reading this post, don't get it wrong... albeit telling to the emulator a lesser FPS is to be expected so to adequate it's timings... in the long run it could badly destabilize the whole thing.

From the emulator standpoint, the NTSC/PAL defaults mean the number of frames it must be able to provide, and is not the same as the actual FPS the game is running.

From the game stand point, it's FPS would be like a FPS inside the actual FPS the emulator is producing... confuse? yes, I know Smile
(at the actual console, the TV refresh rate never changes, much like the actual refresh rate in your computer is granted to be whatever set up on the driver/monitor coupling, failing this, the image is totally lost or badly deformed).

On the actual console, the FPS is indeed the FPS the game is running, and since a few games are known to have slowdowns even on the console... imagine how the PC suffer trying to emulate the console in such situation.
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Uhm, being able to change the PAL/NTSC framerate values is good for running some PAL games at 60FPS (some games have PAL 50/60 selectors which do this but for other games this is the only way and actually works great in some cases, PAL 50 games are usually slower and not just in the FPS) which is what mohammed pal has been doing.
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I should know since my country is one of the few (actually I don't know another) which uses PAL-M (60 Hz). Still many electronics (including game consoles) are imported from Manaus Free Zone or the neighbor Paraguay (somewhat alike the Free Zone and just tolerated at certain extent by the government) and most of times tweaked to work with anything thrown at them.

Sony only recently (2010) officially launched PS2 in Brazil, when everybody was already going PS3 and such... let's let a better marketing expert than me analyze the reasons and motives.
Imagination is where we are truly real
thanks for anyone help me. now I can set to 60 fps from the pcsx2_vm.ini file I am not inform in this file before now. thanks

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