I have problem with Call of Duty 3 (NTSC-U)
I have problem with Call of Duty 3 (NTSC-U)
my pcsx2 is 0.9.7 (r3878) with default configure and plugins
after start game and videos of game when start to play game Screen freezed and game is stop but only sound working.please fix it
I saved this errors in log.
Note:older version of pcsx2 9.5 beta played it very slow but new version not play it
Thank You Very much

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The team does not get requests for fixing games, it will be fixed if the devs find the problem it has and can/have time to fix it
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Dam it that pcsx2 is international, if he was from the Isle of Man I could hang him mwah Laugh still legal Cool
thank you for pcsx2 9.8
in The Compatibility List
Writed Call Of Duty 3 Is Playable but the problem is EXIST and not working.
please insert the configuration for Call Of Duty 3 to work
thank you so much
You need to use EE full clamping mode and software renderer to play this game (actually GSdx (Hardware) works too but it's pretty broken).
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