I just want to say Thank you.
I just want to say Thank You! to all the people who have worked on Pcsx2 so far, I find myself personally using the emulator over my ps2 console simply for the fact I love alot of the features, Save States, Upping the Native res, turbo mode, and lots of other things. Keep up the great work guys. About the only thing I use my ps2 console for is the odd rare game that the emulator cannot run now a days.

P.s. Anyway you can get the xtreme legends Dynasty/Samurai Warriors cd swaps to work for the orignal content? Mainly dw5 and sw 1/2. I notice when I swap the cd's it doesn't read the crc or the game id, and I think that may be partly why the XL disc says its the wrong disc... But then again I ain't a programmer, so I am just grasping at straws. heh.

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