I'll try again and maybe get some help?
So I made a post earlier that apparently involved something against the rules here, and I'm sorry, but maybe someone can help me figure out where to legally get games for the pcsx2 and NOT delete this thread before I can get the answer?

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ebay, amazon, game stores.
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What Nobbs said, and what I said in my PM to you.


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Thank you. You can delete my thread now xD
(01-29-2015, 05:39 AM)Trash Can Dan Wrote: games for the pcsx2

I think you mean games for the Playstation 2.
Take a look at amazon or ebey, those games are cheap nowadays, no need to illegaly download them somewhere.

Edit: looks like i was too slow.
You need to buy games yourself. Don't worry, we all make mistakes.
Try to find games at : Ebay, Amazon, local garage sales, old game/movie stores, etc.
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My suggestion would be to find local or closest flea market Laugh might have legit games for great prices. I go to this one market that has a good amount of sellers of most console games, i am hoping to find myself 'Arctic Thunder' & 'Operation Winback' this weekend.
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