I m having a problem running pcsx2
i need help.. whenever i , trying to load my pcsx2 by clicking on BOOT CDVD (Fast) it show select language and the same thing it show when i click on BOOT CDVD (Full). Please help.. m not able to play my game. and ya I have loaded iso of God of war- Chain of olympus. and ya there is noting wrong with my iso because i have run it in psp and it worked good

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Wait...WHAT!!!,you are tryng to Run a PSP game on Ps2 Emulator!
God of war- Chain of olympus its only for psp and ps3.....
You are in the wrong forum.

Pcsx2 only run ps2 games,anyway God of war- Chain of olympus still a very heavy game on the PSp emulator needs to be fixed and have some know issues.....
hehe Thanku Tongue2

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