I'm having trouble on the startup screen
My English is somewhat bad Smile, at the beginning of the game, "Sony Playstation" text goes by so slowly, when the normal speed of the game screen turns the game after going down for a while.

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What game? What PCSX2 version? Your PCSX2 configuration settings? You computer specification?

Try to answer those questions first, then somebody will try to help you. Smile
Currently MTV celebrty deathmatch Smile have, PCSX2 version V0.9.7

Processor = AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-55 1.80gHz
Ram= 768 MB
Graphics Card= GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M (512MB) nVidia
Motherboard = Acer aspire 5520
Operating system= Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3

Emulator Settings=

EE/IOP Respectively;
Recompiler, Recompiler , Chop Zero , Normal, Flush To Zero(active), Denormals are zero(Active)

VUs Respectively;
microVU recompiler , microVU recompiler, chop zero, normal , Flush To zero(active) , Denormals Are zero(Active)

Gs =
Disable Framelimitng ( Active)
Base Framerate %100
Slow Motion Adjust %50
Turbo Adjust %200

Ntsc Framerate = 54,59 FpS
Pal Framerate = 50.0 Fps

Frame Skipping
Skip when on turbo on ( inactive)
Constant skipping(inactive)
Use Synchronized MTGS (Inactive)
Disable all Gs Output ( Inactıve)

Gs Window
Widescreen 16:9
Hide window on suspend (active)
The other options is not active.

Not Active.

Game Fixes
Not Active.


Plugins/BIOS Selector

GS= Gsdx 3693(MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 Configure Settings = // Direct3D9 Hardware // Interlacing = None // D3D Internal Res = 1024 1024 // Scaling 1x // Native(Inactive)
Texture Filtering(active) -- Logarithmic Z (active)
Allow 8-bit(Inactive) -- Alpha Correction (active)

PAD= SSSPSX PAD Pressure mod 1.7.1
SPU2= SPU2-X r3702m 1.4.0
CDVD= Cdvdgigaherz (r3429) 0.8.0

MTV just not play, Do I need special settings for other games?

Is this enough? Smile
anybody help me?
I wonder what is going on because the game freezes?
Can you upload some screenshots?
People only know what you have told them.
What about uploding the console log to exclude emulation errors. Wink

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