I'm having trouble starting FFX International
Hey guys, I have two computers and I installed pscx2 9.6 on both of them, the first computer I loaded FFX Int fine. THe only problem on the first computer is that my cpu is weak on there, so I installed pscx2 on my second computer.

Well I installed pscx2 9.6 the same way I did with my 1st computer, same plugins and everything.

I'm using Gigaherz CD plugin and PowerISO to mount it.

When I start pscx2 on my first computer, FFX Int loads fine and I can play, its just my frame rate is really low.

WHen I start pscx2 on my second computer, FFX Int won't boot up. I don't get any error pop ups, it just takes me to the ps2 screen where you can browse and change your system configurations.
I have no idea why it won't load, it loaded ONCE but not anymore. I can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated

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Quote:I'm using Gigaherz CD plugin and PowerISO to mount it.
You shouldn't. That's why we have ISO reading plugins to access the ISO directly. Use Linuz ISO and dismount the ISO from powerISO.
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