I'm looking for some settings
Hi. I'm looking for some settings and I can't find them in PCSX2:
- Hardware Depth - on
- Accurate Date - on
- CRC hack level - none
I'm trying to make Silent Hill 4 work properly in hardware mode and those settings are recomended.


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Go to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings, and set the Renderer to "OpenGL (Hardware)".
The Hardware Depth and Accurate Date settings should now be visible (CRC Hack Level is always visible), assuming you're using the stable 1.4.0.

Though for Silent Hill 4 getting the latest GIT release is recommended, Hardware Depth is always on in those versions.
Thank you so much. I was just blind. I will try those settings.

EDIT: Everything is working perfect for now. Thank you again.
I hope someday Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Orgins will be playable in Hardware Mode.

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