I'm new and need a little help with slowdowns.
Hi! I'm pretty new to emulation (and pc gaming) and have been going through some problems. I know emulating a ps2 is far harder than playing normal pc games and I'm completely aware that my pc specs may be the cause of the severe slowdowns I've experienced while trying to play ps2 games. In some cases the game runs in slowmotion, other times whenever I find a configuration that allows the game to run on a solid 100% speed it just looks buggy and broken (and believe me I messed arround with these configurations quite a lot). Most of my games run in either 40-50 speed or sometimes 90-100 with the fps falling to single digits sometimes but staying mostly arround 40-59, which is already enough to cause a really bad slow motion effect that just takes me out of the experience.
I don't care about graphics too much, as long as I can experience the games as they were in the ps2 and at a solid 100% speed and 60 fps (with maybe some occasional slowdowns every hour or so) for me it's perfectly fine. I don't care about pushing the graphics too hard and getting the best off of them, I just want to remember the good old days when I had a PS2 and could play games that I really loved.

Keep in mind that I do know that laptops are not the ideal thing when talking about emulation but it's the only resource I have available and it is pretty good at playing native pc games.

My specs are.
Acer Aspire Laptop
Intel Core i5-7200U CPU 2.50 GHz (4 CPUs) with Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz
DirectX 12
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB dedicated VRAM

I'm also not a pc expert, I just got my own. But if these do not meet the requirements, can I upgrade it? If so, what should I change in my pc to meet the necessary requirements to play ps2 games at a perfect speed and fps? Thanks, and sorry if I'm just saying something wrong I'm new to pc gaming and I don't quite understand how these machines work, sorry for my bad spelling of some words, English is not my native lenguage.

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Using a BIOS file with PCSX2 which you have downloaded from the internet or from a PS2 console you do not own is illegal. You must own the console the BIOS file came from (even if it's broken) to be legal.

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