I'm new here and I have two questions.
A few days ago, I got a dualshock 4 controller and I used the excellent ds4tool
software to use it on my pc. But, I have a problem. I mostly play FPS games and
the controller doesn't feel as accurate or easy to use as my keyboard&mouse setup.
Will I get more used to the controller over time and become better at using it? Will it become as nice to use as my keyboard&mouse setup? Also, keep in mind that I have only used the controller for about 4 hours in total and I've used my K&M for many, many hours.

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Well, the controller will never be so accurate and easy to use as the keyboard + mouse, many games allow the aim help feature but that option practically kills the critical hits chance.

And yes, is to believe you will become more comfortable with the controller the more you use it, as for myself I never managed to feel at easy with them in 3D games unless I can invert the axis (despite that setup is adequate for airplanes and space fighters control).
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After getting so comfortable with the Playstation comtroller over the years and getting pretty good at aiming with it I would say that you can become somewhat as precise as with KB/M but you still cant aim quite as fast as with the mouse (still though, this is after years of using PS controllers)

However that was with PS1-3 controllers, I feel that DS4 is awesome but it just isnt nearly as precise as for example, DS3. Thumbsticks are very small and few millimeters shorter than DS3s (which may sound ridiculous to complain but it still gives you less precision/lesser range of movemement).
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