I'm using PCSX2 to capture polygons, it gives me duplicate amounts
So on another forum, me and my fellow forum members are comparing the polygon capabilities of the PS2 and Dreamcast. My Dreamcast setup is perfect, however I can't get a proper PS2 setup.

I'm using PCSX2 0.9.8 which was the last version to support polygon captures by pressing Shift + F8. But it keeps giving me duplicate amounts:

[Image: WFHwnjM.png]
[Image: q6xyYLV.png]

When I zoom in on that wireframe, I can see every polygon has a duplicate of itself. It also gives me 3x the vertices but that isn't the concern here.

At first I thought it was because of interlacing, but I also tried Burnout 3 which has a progression scan mode but it does the same thing. Interlacing still might be a factor though, seems very relevant to this problem.

So my question is, theres likely someone here that has knowledge of how PCSX2 operates internally. What would be causing this? I know whoever designed this feature, didn't intend for it to do this. Theres likely a setting that could be changed to prevent this.

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