I made it work in the past but don't know how to do it again
So i wanted to try a special run on bakugan battle brawlers using cheats, since i couldn't find PS2 codes i used DS codes on my pscx2

All Bakugans Available at the Store
02080c44 e3a000ff
02080c6c e3a000ff

All Cards Available at the Store
02080d7c e3a000ff
02080d70 e3a000ff
02080da4 e3a000ff

And they worked in the past, because i clearly remember using stuff that couldn't be unlocked that soon, now some months after i wanna try it again, but i have no idea how and none of the tutorials managed to make those codes work

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How To PNACH Like A Boss
- Make sure you have cheats enabled (1.6.0: System > Enable Cheats | 1.7.0: System > Game Settings > Enable Cheats)
- Make sure to place the PNACH file in your cheats folder
- Make sure the PNACH file name matches the CRC of the game (Command >crc will show an example of where to find the CRC)
- Make sure the cheat are you trying to use isn't commented out
- Do NOT load savestates, as these will either wipe cheats out of memory, or reintroduce cheats that were active when the savestate was made
- You can let the bot check a pnach file if you upload it in bot-spam. (ex. AAAA1234.pnach)
- A forum thread for finding or sharing cheats: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-you...tches-here
- A guide on the pnach format and how cheats work: https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-How-PNAC...s-work-2-0
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