I might've messed up my Mem Card...
Hey all, long time guest / first time poster. Tried to search around for help on this specific issue, but figured it was time for me to actually post on here.

So, I've been playing FFX International on here, and the graphics are great, the game is great. All was well. I've been running through Blitzball and got Wakka's Ultimate Weapon, also great.

But here's my issue: I wanted to check a previous section and loaded it as a PCSX2 save state instead of from the memory card. And then (don't ask me why) saved in-game on the memory card, which what was technically an earlier save than was already on the memory card.

Could this have caused an issue? Because now my memory card acts as though it isn't valid. All the sudden it's acting wonky and won't let me access it in-game, stating "Check of memory card in slot 1 failed." But just previous it was working fine.

So give it to me straight... is my card corrupted?

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(10-28-2012, 10:14 PM)TimTDIA Wrote: And then (don't ask me why) saved in-game on the memory card, which what was technically an earlier save than was already on the memory card.

Wrong move.

Yes, that could be the cause of your issue and your memory card is most probably corrupt. Sad
if you don't have a state state for where you reached and your memory card is spoilt then what u did in the game is lost Sad

you have to download a memory card from the net which has a save close to where u reached, make a new formatted pcsx2 memory card, use the memory card editor called myMc to import that save onto your pcsx2 memory card (open pcsx2 memory card in myMc, click on import and browse for the memory card u downloaded. that will transfer all the saves on to your pcsx2 memory card), load that pcsx2 memory card into pcsx2 instead of the corrupted memory card, then hope the game will read that memory card and load the game. if the game loaded then excellent. if the save is further then when u reached then watch the difference in a gameplay video on youtube. if the save is before where u reached then u have to do some parts again. in both cases you may have to level up some characters, learn some skills and get some items in order to match what u were doing before the memory card corrupted

http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-How-to-us...from-PCSX2 has info on myMc
I didn't even think about using the save states I still had saved to PCSX2. I loaded the most recent one onto the 2nd PS2 memory card and we're good to go!

save states save the day Smile
Yep. I'm going through the last league rounds right now. Very aware how lucky I am to not have to go through the whole game again...

^ good for you, although I advice you to also save in-game from time to time just in case. Smile
you should make multiple savestates for same save and save normally on the memory card

do the following: when u get to the monster arena part and start capturing monsters i recommend u capture 10 of each monster. see guides telling u what to do. it will take u quite some time but it will be worth it. special monsters will be unlocked in the arena. some of them give u ability boosting spheres (like the +4 ones) which u can use in the blank spaces on the sphere grid and have a bunch of your characters pass through them and learn them. you should maximize your attack, defense, magic defense, agility and boost your hp to as much as u need. for your main magic users you should maximize magic power, defense, magic defense, agility and boost your hp to as much as u need. there are enough blank spaces on the sphere grid. there is no need to maximize your hp. around 20,000 is enough. also u have to forget the +1, +2 and +3 on the sphere grid and replace them with +4 in order to save space. you will need a lot of ap points so u can move around the grid and attribute spheres so u can learn the attributes. also teleportation spheres will help in traversing the grid. there are tricks u can use to get a LOT of ap points. read guides and find one that works for u. i used the mega tonberry trick

some of those special monsters are very tough and can makes minced meat out of you in seconds. go through them slowly and maximize one stat at a time. in the beginning your aeons will do the fighting for u. you also need to make 2 types of armor for all your characters: your main armor and a status armor. u need a status armor because some of these special monsters always attack u with status attacks so u have to defend against them. buy blank armors and fill the blank spots. you will have to do a lot of item farming and gil farming

it will be a LOT of work on u and it may take u a very long time to do all that i said. there are many walkthroughs that will help u

since u maximized your attack you will do 99,999 hp damage while using your ultimate weapon (you should get all the items that boost your ultimate weapons). if u defeat all the special monsters in the monster arena and captured 10 of all required monsters an ultimate monster that has 10,000,000 hp will be unlocked. you can make minced meat of the ultimate monster by casting haste, using quick attack and doing 99,999 hp damages with each hit

after that go ahead and finish the game and vaporize all the remaining bosses (including the final boss) with 1 hit or a few hits Tongue

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