I need another Sly 3 prototype fixed
Another Sly 3 prototype was discovered, it uses the PAL region and is nearly - if not identical - to retail copies except it has a debug menu.  Like the other discovered prototypes, it suffers from graphical glitches and slowdowns.  This specific prototype suffers from major slowdowns that PAL retail doesn't have, as well as strange colors that I normally only see when using OpenGL, not Direct3D11.  Plus the normal "Set Half-Pixel Offset to Texture (aggressive)" doesn't completely get rid of it.  Disc ID is SCES_534.09.

I attatched the screenshot the game took when getting the GS dump, however the "Add Attatchment" button is refusing to let me attatch the GS dump, so here's a MEGA.nz link instead:


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The issue with the slowdowns is that these games hammer the gpu. The crc hacks aren't really a solution, well maybe the rendering can be improved to be less demanding but don't know when and how it can be done for now. In order to play on Native without slowdowns you will need 980ti like performance at bare minimum.
Upscaling code can be improved so when that time comes the crc hacks will be purged and people will need to upgrade to actually good hardware.

Anyway I added the crc id to the list.
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