I need help!!!!!!2
I have [email protected],4GB Kingston 1600Hyperx and ASUS GTX-560 Direct´╗┐ CU II.I can run games in full speed in
all games i play but i have only one problem.
Every minute or two screen just slow down(become choppy) for second.Its really getting on my nerves.Can you help me with this?

PCSX2team on Youtube told me this:Hmm I guess it is probably speedstep or some C4-C5 state trying to reduce the multiplier of your processor because PCSX2 does not cause enough load. Try disabling them from the bios of your motherboard. If you still need help, make a new thread in our forum: http://forums.pcsx2.net/index.php

Plz show me that step by step.i am noob with this.Will that downclock my CPU! Sad

Sad!!!!That was my first Thread and disabling speedstep didnt help!!!!Sad

Its seems that i found solution for my problem.In emulation settings i turned off frame limiting and than run the game. Game starts too fast(150 fps).Than i press TAB keyboard button two times and my problem is past (before that everything on pcsx2 was on default settings and i played all games in full speed but with this problem only)

Now can you explain to me why is frameliter problem for me and disabling him and pressing TAB two times fix my problem?

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isnt the gtx560 a duel sli card?
I doubt your problem is speedstep or C state. PCSX2 causes a good load even on my 4ghz quad. Are you running any kind of monitoring software in the background such as Speedfan?
No, no-- You don't need to go making an identical thread about this.

Continue on your first thread, please.


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