I need help with Suikoden II save transfer please

I have been going at this for hours. I cannot get this to work. I have followed, step by step, Vsub's directions and I simply cannot get it to work.

I am trying to get my SII save onto a my ps2 card so I can start SIII. Again, I have followed the steps, but I will post a play by play just so you know what I am doing.

1. I am using Suikoden II.gme file. (I even tried my .mcr file)
2. I open memcardrex, load the file, then export it. I go to RAW single save (but for whatever reason, a *B???????????* is part of the "Save as type" name.
To clarify:
Save as Type: RAW single save (B???????????*) <----- that is how it looks... is the (B???????????* suppose to be there?)
3. Then I type in a "file name" (naming it Suikoden II). (I have even tried naming it Suikoden II.raw because the ".raw" does not show up normally)
4. then I open ps2savebuilder. press the little white paper icon which makes two rows fill in, then I click and drag my Suikoden II.raw file, make sure the root/ID name is EXACT (minus the .raw)
5.then I export as a .max file
6.then I use mymc to add it to the memory card.

If I go into the memory card option in the actual emulator, I can check both cards and the file is IN the first memory card slot, but when I go to load it, in-game, the game claims I don't have any SII memory on the card. I am 100% i am using/selecting the right cards.

I don't know what else to do.

here is the file I am trying to use: (attachment)

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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