I need help with a pnach file for Persona 3 FES
Hi there. I recently bought a PS3 and installed Persona 3 FES, to improve the experience I chose to add the widescreen and the mod to control the companions, all good but when I open the game I see that it is not in full screen and then I realized that The game is basic for a 480p resolution and I am playing on a 1080p TV, what I am looking for is to create a pnach that extends the resolution so that it is always in 1080p and to be able to play on my PS3 in full screen, I do not know in what another community publish it and since the pnach are for PCSX2 I assumed that someone here would know, any help, thank you very much. I would like to clarify that to patch the ISO I used the normal pnach, but curiously only those that said "word" worked but not those that said "extended", I don't know if it is something that is relevant.

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