I need some help...
Ok,so i heard about the emulator pcsx2 a few days ago,i downloaded it and after some hours of hard thinking how to make it work and to have better graphics i figured out how to play on it.I've played on it Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4,but i have a problem:I found the best config for the grafics to be good,but after a few battles in free battle mode it crashes.In Master Mode (campaign) it crashes more often.When i try to look down it crashes instantly.So the game is very instable.My sistem is:
quad core procesor 2,4 ghz Q6600,2 GB of RAM,Ati HD 3850 with 512 mb graphic card.So please can anyone help me and tell me the best config for my sistem?

I've read on PCSX2 site at compatibilty,this game is rated with Ingame.And i've read which it means.Thats why i dont know if its the game fault or i didnt config my comp suitable for this game.

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You can try using the EE x3 hack of 0.9.6 or the x2 hack, people report it helps with the crashes in this particular game
[Image: newsig.jpg]
YAY! It works! thanks really much,now i can really enjoy my game! Smile

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