I need some help (Ultraman FE3 frame rate bug)
Hello everyone! My name is Nico and I'm new here to emulating (Hell, I'm pretty new to PC gaming now that I think about it). 
I need help with a very specific problem, so I'm gonna give you guys a rundown on my situation. 

A bit ago I decided to try out a game I always wanted to play, that was Ultraman FE3, to say the least, I love this game. 
At first, it was running normally, a clean 60-50 fps, very consistent and satisfying for me, but that all changed when I decided to download another game, Space Sheriff Spirits, it had fun and satisfying combat mechanics, but there was a weird glitch that caused the surroundings and environment to become completely black (like a void), I found a solution in the form of a comment on youtube (I've tried finding it to no avail), I followed it's directions by switching some things on and adding numbers in the video plugin settings. Good thing was, the black screen glitch was fixed. After playing a little bit, I decided to switch back to Ultraman FE3 where I was met with the normal menu screens at 60 fps, I picked my character and enemy, then the map. The loading screen came up, still at 60 fps. After a brief moment, the character's entrances played still running at a smooth 60-50 fps, but once it switched to the normal game view, the fps plummited (And I don't mean to like 30 or 20) to 6-1 fps (I'm not joking). For days and weeks I searched for an answer, to come up with either nothing or a different glitch entirely. I then tried fixing it myself (dumb me) but the results were the same, I switched everything back to how I left it when the fps situation began. So then I said ***** it and decided to come here for help. I have no idea what I'm doing but all I want is some answers and to kick some Kaiju ass. Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me.

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