I need some help on how to open a ps2 iso
I really need lots of help on how to open up a ps2 iso game on Pcsx2. I am currently using version 9.0.1. I can't seem to make the newest version work yet. I just need some help on what to put into the CD/DVD plugin so the game works. The main problem is I don't know what filename to put into the plugin to make the game work. This actually worked before for me just fine, and now I can not seem to make it work at all. So please just let me know on how to fix this issue for me. So thank you very much! Excl

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Wait so why is it the current PCSX2 version doesnt work?
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no support for old versions. Give us details about pcsx2 0.9.6 settings, plugins config, and what error you get
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