I need your help.
I need your help.So,i have pcsx2 0.9.8,i ve downloaded omniconvert and pcsx2ce from the site here.Iv found some codes from here http://cheats.codetwink.com/ps2/view/3888/ .So,what do i need to do now???Convert them to raw???Where do i find the games id???Didn t find how omniconvert works.Can you tell me the steps to do it???Codebreaker doesn t work for the version of my game,so i have to make pnach files,please help!!!

Thank you

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The codes there are for the NTSC version of the game and they are most likely the same codes you tried with CodeBreaker.

Inside the disk/image you'll find a file with name that look like this
What is the full name
You mean inside the codebreaker cd???It says SLUS_203.44 .

Additionally,pnach files are patches???I looked in the pcsx2 folder,there is nno patches folder,only cheats,and no patches option under Misc tab.

Thank you
Well that's the NTSC version...you must did something wrong with codebreaker.
Try those(the code from the site are using CodeBreaker v1+ encyption,so you need to select from omniconvert for input CodeBreaker v1+ and for output CodeBreaker RAW to get the correct raw codes)

I convert them for you,so just put them into pnach
//Infinite Health

//Max Money

//nfinite Magic

//Max Unspent Skill Points
And also,pcsx2 don't need master codes,so there is no need to convert/put them into the pnach

The new gui of pcsx2 is using cheats for folder(like the old gui was using paches)and the option in the new gui is System=>Enable Cheats
if you don't have the cheats folder,just create it and put your .pnach files there
Thank you,i ll try it later and tell you.

Thank you
I put it in a pnach file,i put it in the cheats folder...I started playing,everything ok,till the moment my character gets hit by enemies.When she gets hit,the following red colored messages appear.What could it be???Can you tell me if the pnach file is properly organized???

P.S.I looked it the cheats page,it had two cheats,one for codebreaker 1-5 and another for 6+,they both were ''enable code(must be on)''.I noticed that in the codes you converted for me there was none of the two.Should i put one of them too???

Thank you

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That means that the codes are either wrong,need some enabler(I don't see such thing in the site)or pcsx2 just don't like them(there are such cheats)
And those two codes???Should i do anything with them???As     for already existing cheats,that s impossible,there are no cheats in the cheats folder.
Like I said,master/enable codes are not needed in pcsx2...they are needed only when you are using codebreaker on pcsx2 or on real PS2
Aaaaa,so master and enable codes are the same...ok...Then maybe the codes were for other region of the game,if i say it right...Do you know other sites with raw codes or something like that???I looked in another thread here,but there wasn t the game i m interested in.

Thank you

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