I once was lost but now am found
When i bought a new laptop i though i'd finally have the power to run PCSX2 smoothly. this was a little over a year ago. i've downloaded PCSX2 and tried to fiddle with it on countless occasions, every time uninstalling it in frustration. seeing the beta release i thought i'd give it one last try.

laptop specs:
intel core 2 duo (2.26 ghz)
4gb DDR3
GeForce 9800M GTS (1gb)

well as it turns out it was never a problem with PCSX2 at all. i was dedicated to making it work so i looked through every option i could find on my computer. Finally something caught my eye in my power settings for my laptop. only looking through the basic power options previously, i never realized running in power saver mode was putting a hard cap on my CPU speed of 50%.

I don't know if this information will help anyone else out there, but after over a year of on and off fiddling with speed hacks, configuration options in PCSX2, windows visual display settings, and the like it was as simple as adjusting my laptop's power saver plan from processor maximum state 50% to 100%. (also switching to a high performance power plan works as well, but it was easier for me to adjust one variable on power saver instead of changing all of high performance's battery only options).

Sometimes it's the smallest things. Anyway, I was hoping a small blurb along the lines of "If running a laptop, please switch the power plan to it's highest performance setting, as power saver settings actually limit CPU speeds" could be included in one of the many support stickies, because if it had been i would have been running PCSX2 smoothly for over a year now and a small line like that could save someone else a few stupidity headaches.

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You'd be surprised how many people that catches out! Glad you managed to sort it Smile
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