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I really happy, but....
Hello everybody, i new in the forum, and this is my first post, but i visited the forums since 2006.

I really happy about how the emulator improved a lot the compability and speed, i never thought that i could finish Final Fantasy X in my computer, with HD graphics (1080p) with almost no slowdowns, the funny thing is that when i bought the original PS2 (2003) i never finished the game XD

I playing right know Valkyrie Profile 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3, with some slowdowns but playable at least (with speedhacks) (VP2 in the cutscenes run slow 30 - 40 fps, and also some cutscenes in MGS3)

Well there is my intro, and here is the thing.

I REALLY want to improve the emulator, i still very young (19), i think i have a base about emulation and programming (Basic Assembly, C#, ASP.NET, Basic C++, PHP, ABAP, JAVA, PYTHON)

I have some knowledge but i dont know where to start, i mean, when i look the PCSX2 source code, i barely understand what the things do, i mean i want to program to that level, i know that i have to do small things first, but i dont know how to start.

If anyone can recomend any books, or pages, or some basic examples about emulation i'll be really thankful.

Sorry if my english is not good enough XD

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These two games are indeed demanding.

The emulator's source code is a good start point itself, since you already have C++ knowledge.

Supposing you did not already, download the Visual Studio Express from the Microsoft sites. The Express is free, you'll be not only able to edit the code there for study and experiments as you can compile and test the changes. If you come out with something that can be used, you can submit the patch for the devs verification and possible inclusion in the project.

Good luck.

PS: I heard the Visual Studio V8 was removed from the download pages which leaves the VS10 as the only option, but it should be OK, I have been using the V8 to compile PCSX2 but I think the V10 will do.
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The best thing you can do is download the source and start playing with it. there are documents sprawled around the internet to help you understand what stuff does, I suggest you grab some of them Smile good luck!
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Another great place to look is just by going through the google code pages, specifically the updates. Nearly every change has comments associated with it so you can see what they did and why they did it. Even if you don't code it's always a very interesting read.
please read if any of you guys can help i know its gotta be one of you
(04-19-2011, 08:02 AM)ellycard Wrote:
please read if any of you guys can help i know its gotta be one of you

Alright that's it. Warning for spamming.
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Hey guys! Thanks for the replies, i really was looking on the internet and i found this webpage:

Its really great, it almost explain step by step how to program an emulator, and there is a PDF (not to long) to read about emulation basics that you should know, i really recommend it for anyone who want to start with emulation (like me).

And now the PCSX2 code is less difficult to understand (still very hard thought XD)

Hey! That's how I started! Good advice Smile if you check around for chip16, I have it on good authority that it more accurately resembles a real machine (proper timing etc). It's kind of a community built system consider it chip8 v2.0 Tongue2
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I'm actually a intermediate programmer and I'm very interested in learning about emulation programming. Alas, I Just found this thread only to find that the website is DEAD!!!! :-(
The site seemed like a fanatastic resource for technical information on emulators. Does anyone have an archive of the material that was on the website? It would be a real shame if all that information was lost forever. Does anyone know the author or have any means to contact him? Or know if the website is ever coming back?

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