I think the project pages needs to say what things do.
I dont mean to gripe. You guys are providing a wonderful service for free after all, but I just read three different entries on the main site about playground, and I still don't know what exactly it is.

This is the download page entry:

Quote:PCSX2 Playground v1.0.0395
This is the binary of the PCSX2 branch known as 'Playground'.It is based on the official PCSX2 SVN rev 384 but has grown much since that.
This branch has been created by Air (aka Jake Stine),arcum42,cottonvibes,drkIIRaziel and rama.Also tested by Krakatos.
You can find the source in the Google repository

This download is a snapshot of SVN 395 of this repository and also includes a heavily modified SPU2Ghz which now works great Smile

Don't forget to go through all configuration again!

Reading this I have no idea why I would possibly want to download it. There's not even a link to a page from the project maintainers. What does this plugin do?

Same thing with the first listing on the plugin page:

Quote:GSDX 0.1.13
New version of GSDX which now has both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 versions in one dll.

Note: the SSSE3 version can only work with Core 2 Duo cpus (only those have these instructions for the time being)
Note 2: the SSE4 version can only work with the Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn series,meaning the E7xxx and E8xxx models for dual cores and the Q9xxx models for quad cores

Pixel Shader 2

Additionally for DirectX 10:
DirectX 10 compliant graphics card,Windows Vista

Make sure to download the newest DirectX Runtime.

You also might need additional DLLs found in the GSdx thread here

Also, the pad plug-ins say nothing about why one would be more advantageous in a given situation than another.

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Umm maybe check the main page?
Has a link pointing to this thread: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2341.html Explaining everything in detail.
I don't see what else should be put in the plugins,it is a download section,not a describe your plugin here section.Pad plugins offer mostly the same things,it is a matter of preference and we never want to discriminate between people's free work
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you're right on both accounts. I need more sleep, cause I don't know what I was thinkin. I don't see a delete your own retarded post button. Maybe I can put in a request for extra forum functionality?

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