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I threw my PS2 Away :(
So i threw my PS2 away and i had some nostalgia for my favourite game:
.hack series.

I wanna play it from a Retail CD, bought CD from a store.

However, i dont know how to since ive always played with ISO's before.

Anyone care to explain how to configure my PCSX2 to play games via Retail CD's?

Sorry if this has been answered before, im just desperate.

Also, i have to play a game with this emulator for ages so i forgot how to configure it for CD's.

I can even post a picture of my retail boxes to prove it that im trying to run them via bought CD's.

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make an iso from the cd...
If i knew how to i would have done it already.
you played with isos before, but you dont know how to create them?
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Thats right. It seems like i have to research a bit.

Worked just fine, thanks a lot.
*Cough*Image Burn*cough*
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Isn't there an option on the plugin settings to boot off rom a disk drive? You will have to set the run menu or something to PLUGIN too.

I've played discs on my computer before, but I don't have pcsx2 installed atm.
He was saying he doesn't remember how to set it up.

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