I've been building up quite the PS2 game collection recently how about you?
Over the course of the few months since I got my PS2 bios dumped (big thanks to the people here for that) I've built up quite the PS2 collection.

From a combination of Amazon and a local retro game store I went from having a few PS2 games to now having on my shelf

Xenosaga Ep1
Xenosaga Ep2
Dragon Quest VIII
Jak and Daxter the Precursory Legacy
007 Agents Under Fire (this one wasn't really by choice)
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

In fact I think I have more PS2 games than any other current gen system (own all 3) at this point (well if you combine my wii/wiiU library it's bigger). The great thing is most of them can be had for anywhere from $2 - $40 a fraction of the price of modern AAA games and I can play them at 1080p+ consistently unlike some other modern consoles.

I owned a PS2 during the PS2 gen but never was able to fully experience it's library (I don't think anyone could it was so massive) so I'm getting brand new 1080p AAA (from a few gens ago) game experiences for a few bucks a piece. That just seems awesome to me.

Anyway soapbox over PCSX2 and emulation is awesome.

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That's awesome, good to hear you have a nice collection going to enjoy Smile
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I managed to find second handed PS2 games just for 1-3$ over here.
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