I've notice in Dragon Quest VIII, shadows are missing..
I am sure this already been known or been discuss about but if not, any reason why shadows are missing in this game? I know in the console version shadows are there but in the emulator, it isn't, any reason why that might be and will it be fixed or address later on?
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Use skipdraw... 1 or 2, I don't remember.
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skipdraw is responsible for missing shadows(usually) it won't magically add them if they've been removed by crc
Use software mode and they will be there, HW mode has certain Post processing disabled which in this case means no HW shadows. I actually remember a version that still has PP enabled and shadows worked, but they had problems with PP and disabled it
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The shadows did show up in HW mode with skipdraw, just not "smooth"; and it was the same for Rogue Galaxy if I remember correctly.
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only one place you need to stwich to software rendering, the place when you looking for god bird's shadow, that is
otherwise, skipdraw=1 can get you nearly perfect shadow everywhere.

For certain memoriable scene, you can even get coloring picture by tweak around skipdraw number , dont quite remmember the value, those scene naturally are in gray or light yellow
So there isn't any version of PCSX2 yet that perfectly emulates every aspect of DQVIII?

Or will using Skipdraw=1 show shadows and some of the PP or will it disable PP and show shadows?
You can play in software mode. That should be perfect enough.
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BAH software mode bleh.
If SW mode is the best option I might as well just play it on my PS2 hooked via component to my CRT.
"perfectly emulates" doesn't make any sense at the very first.
nothing is perfect, let alone emulator.
for me i enjoy the hd graphic, enhanced dsp audio, take screenshot anytime, playing while reading guide, save everywhere and etc amazing function on pcsx2,
even i knew i can play my game flawlessly with my console which was deep buried under my bed since pcsx2 0.96.
so final word, yes , if you want perfect in everything, play it on console

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