I wanna cheat in certain game
The is Wild Arms 5 [SLUS 21615] (U)
It's very good but near the end there is bosses in every step (already make me sick) I they get a hour or two to beat. One of them is unbeateble for me, cause I have to use weak heroes in he replenished his HP far too quickly (GameGuide says its simple and easy, nah).
I desided to cheat, but that was not as easy as I thought.

Only cheats I found is here http://cheats.codetwink.com/ps2/view/6189/2/

I googled some manuals about convertion, but failed to sucessed
http://forums.ngemu.com/pcsx2-forum/7509...files.html I just doesnt want to work as it looks for me.

Maybe someone have already cooked PNACH for this game, or have a better way too boost charactres stats skyhigh?

Help me please I love that game and I wanna complete that love.

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