I want Use CUDA to reduce cpu usage
I have some program ability,I want Use CUDA to reduce cpu usage,so my poor PC can run games.If it is possible,user have poor cpu and a high-end GPU can play game well.Is this possible? i am not start to see source code.

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cuda isn't really useful for pcsx2. even if you find some use for it its not going to be enough of a speedup to help a slow cpu with pcsx2.
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I will find it out.If any cpu intense part can parellel ,it worth a try.
itd be useless unless you had a high end Fermi.
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CUDA is wonderful in data acquisition software, naturally parallel applications from nature in general... PhysX can help a lot with physical equations calculation... sadly is not what drives an emulator...

Even if is possible to get that degree of parallelism (would be great just to get the emulator using the available CPU codes).

CUDA requires the application is designed for it, The PS2 games are what "should" be designed for it, not the application trying to emulate the platform so they can run.
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cuda can be used for texture decoding, if a cpu sucks at it. i wonder if it'd do any good at geometry processing..... probably not the way GS does things.

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