I want to LOWER fps
Hello all

I've searched the ends of the earth and found nothing. I'm currently using the emulator to run FFXII Zodiac Job System.

I actually want to SLOW THE GAME DOWN. Are there any frame rate limiting pacthes or plugins? Running around the zones makes me want to put on the theme from benny hill - everything moves waaaay too fast. The game itself looks great and runs great, but it's all too frantic.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


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What version of Pcsx2 are you using? if it is 0.9.7 just go to the menu emulation settings, GS, then set NTSC/PAL framerate, depending on the game region, to a lower framerate. It's simple Laugh
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set turbo mode lower than 100% and hit tab ingame. ( I do this with a few games when need-be, mine's at 40%)
Thanks both of you

Got the new version, trying it out now.


I like the new features on the new version, but everything runs better on the previous one. Hmmm...

I think I'll stick with the prev. version, but thanks.


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