I want to disable the ESC key from closing the window
I hate getting really far into a game and accidently hitting esc and losing hours of progress but I can't find how to disable this. Any ideas? I tried googling but to no avail.

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ESC doesn't close the emulation, it just suspends it;p, you can resume any time later from gui> System->pause/resume. Not to mention pcsx2 has ability to save the game normally on memory cards as well as dumping memory state ~ you don't really need to play the game from start till end during one run... that's just weird.>.>

If you run pcsx2 without gui, then it could be a bit troublesome, through I don't understand how anyone can press ESC key by accident while it's in all normal keyboards pretty lonely in it's upper left corner. Anyway you could simply remap "Sys_Suspend" function from esc to any other key which is harder to reach, you can read my post in for example here to get the general idea how to remap default keys in pcsx2.
Maybe they're used to most native pc games where esc opens up the menu, so accidentally hit it when thinking of pausing the game or opening a menu that opens with start.

Regardless, as stated above, changing the key that sys_suspend is mapped to will do the trick.
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How did you lost the progress? As mentioned above, pressing ESC just suspends the game you can always resume.
You can't if you start pcsx2 in any way(one of those launcher from here)or shortcut that contains the -nogui command line.

If PCSX2 is started with that command line,the gui won't be loaded(only the game with and the console if it's enabled)and when you press ESC,the emulator will be closed not suspended
I see. Thanks for the information. I press ESC all the time. I think it's very convenient; just press ESC when I want to take a break or do something else.

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