I want your advice people!!
Hi everyone

I know pcsx2 is highly dependent on CPU

So im considering a CPU upgrade for my Lappy (also for other applications of course!!)

My laptop is Asus G50VT with C2D [email protected] usually overclocked (While playing anything) to 2.9GHz--GPU: nvidia 9800mGS(Also overclocked)

So, Im considering a CPU upgrade to C2D [email protected] stock speed

Of course i will Overclock it, from my experience it might go up to 3.5GHz!! Ohmy

So, my question is...Am i gonna see BIG and i mean BIG/HUGE fps pump?!!

The most important games i need the speed increase in are Valkyrie Profile, Dragon Quest 8 and Shadow of colossus (i know those are heavy games thats why i want to upgrade)

Valkyrie--> Not sooo playable for me (sometimes Full speed but not all the time)
Dragon Quest--> About 34fps outside first town...unplayable
Shadow of Colossus--> Playable speed but too many hiccups

The reason im asking is because the cpu costs 480$ and im not gonna replace my lappy anytime soon...thats why i need a good reason

For me Pcsx2 is an important reason Biggrin I just love it

Also the 9800 is enough for me. (most PC games are playable at highest @1280x800)

So...any ideas are really appreciated!!

Thanks guys....Smile

Keep up the good work

My rig: Malibal P150HM - Core i7-2760QM upto 3.5GHz - 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz - ATI 6990M 2GB GDDR5 - [email protected]Ninja

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Wait...CPU upgrade on a laptop? Good luck with that one.

To my knowledge, you can't upgrade the CPU in a laptop unless you replace the motherboard.

EDIT: nvm, you can.

I would say that your GPU is of more importance than your CPU, so upgrading your CPU would not drastically increase performance unless it was a drastic CPU upgrade.
No....its upgradable

Im sure..(i did my homework lol)

I can upgrade either to T9900 or X9100 (both are Laptop cpus)

But the T9900 is newer and more efficient (less heat)

The only thing worth mentioning is that the warranty will be void....i already have the laptop for +1 year so the warranty is already gone!!!
My rig: Malibal P150HM - Core i7-2760QM upto 3.5GHz - 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz - ATI 6990M 2GB GDDR5 - [email protected]Ninja
Will you see a big difference from 2.9ghz to 3.5ghz (if you achieve it)? Definitely yes. Most (if not all fully compatible) games should play full speed on a system like that with only a few needing some speed hacks.
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Thanks koji

also i believe i can achieve that speed....i already achieved stable 2.9 on my current 2.5 CPU
My rig: Malibal P150HM - Core i7-2760QM upto 3.5GHz - 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz - ATI 6990M 2GB GDDR5 - [email protected]Ninja
The T9900 and the x9100 are the same thing, only that the X9100 runs at 44w Max TDP and the T9900 runs at 35w Max TDP. So the T9900 is a more smarter choice. Honestly, you will not notice much of a difference while running everyday tasks. You will notice a difference in PCSX2, but is it enough to justify spending $480? I'm really not sure.

Most PC games run fine on powerful single core and lower end dual core CPU's. Games like Crysis and others will definitely use the faster Core 2 Duo. I guess the real question is, what are your plans for your PC?

If you have money to blow, then go for it. I don't see laptop CPU's getting any faster than that for the time being. Everyone is going for more cores. By the time there are faster Core 2's out there, (if they don't scrap Core 2 Duo's altogether) they will have faster Core i5/i7's. Currently, the better performer for PCSX2 is the high clocked Core 2 Duo's. For everything else, it's the Core i7 mobile. (Given the program you are running is designed to use multiple cores.)

Bottom line: if you have the money to blow, go for it. It will be a nice upgrade, even if you don't plan on upgrading for a while. Most games won't even take full advantage of the CPU anyway. (Unlike PCSX2.)
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Here it is said that someone overclocked the T9900 to 4GHz!!!!!!

But stable @3.75
My rig: Malibal P150HM - Core i7-2760QM upto 3.5GHz - 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz - ATI 6990M 2GB GDDR5 - [email protected]Ninja

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E5500 @ 3.6Ghz PNY DDR2 @850Mhz 5-5-5-14 ** GTS250 ECO @ 683/1674/1018
LOL.....wtf was that
My rig: Malibal P150HM - Core i7-2760QM upto 3.5GHz - 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz - ATI 6990M 2GB GDDR5 - [email protected]Ninja
The truth! Tongue2
Nice one, Nuke.

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