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I was wondering...?
So I recently got my hands on a copy of Tales of the Abyss and at first I was phased by the ghosting issues that pertained the game when playing on either a custom or scaling resolution, but after reading the wiki and NeoGaf for some help, came up with settings that work almost perfectly; Scaling at 5x (doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things), Texture Filtering half ticked for black lines, Alpha hack ticked and Skip Draw hack at 1.

Now the problem with Skip Drawing Tales of the Abyss is simple, the game is being rendered (I know that's not the right term, but you get what I'm saying) at half brightness for everything but the FMV's and Skits, and the Bloom/Vaseline filter is being skipped or isn't "on" anymore.

Ever since PCSX2 integrated Shade Boost we can fix the Skip Draw problem by having the Brightness setting turned up to 100, but the problem now is that the Skits and FMV's are super extra crazy bright.

Now, I was wondering if it's possible to somehow make Shade Boost toggle-able through a hotkey of some-sort. I know it sounds rather fruitless considering that this isn't an important issue at all, but I figure that making it toggle-able can't be hard, I'm sorry if otherwise.

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The only thing i can think of trying, is enabling the gamefix for software mode during FMVs (at the bottom of the list). although im unsure of if shadeboost continues to work in software mode.

If that doesn't work, i think youll have to live with it or play the whole game in software mode ;p
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Thanks Refraction, but yeah I already tried using the manual hack to switch to Software Rendering mode during FMV's, I'll just live with it, I'm already used to the Skits being bright. I'll just quickly turn off Shade Boost if any FMV's come on, thanks anyways and as always, you guys are doing a great job!!! =).
Hmm this made me think about an issue couple years ago I read here how to remove ghosting from FFX, wouldn't that help Ben with his problem refract?
that was the skipdraw 1 thing wasnt it? cos he's already doing that
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Thanks for trying to help StriFe, but I feel you misunderstood what I was saying, thanks though!
You can try disabling crc hacks in gsdx. See if you can live with the original bugs. Maybe they've improved a bit Tongue2
I've tried everything Rama. When I first played the game I followed a "guide" from Durante over at Neogaf (PCSX2 forum) on what he thought were perfect settings, using TC offsets to align the bloom/Vaseline filter with the game, but what happens is that while it fixes the bloom/Vaseline filter for most of the game, entering cities the bloom re-remerges and doing a toggle between software and hardware doesn't fix it and unfortunately, quite a bit of time is spent in cities. I then tried the wiki, following the skip-draw method, and realized everything was perfect (Except for the problem above). I've tried every (literally) combination of hacks/no hacks and changing how the VU and EE rounds the numbers. Thanks though, I'm fine with the over-bright FMV's and skits, heck the skits on the English version of the game aren't even voiced over, so you have to read, let alone watch the funny faces =).

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