I will never give up
I will never give up for my game(SRT) even if you banish me every time AngryAngry
because I love my game so much and you re too idiot to understand me,stop make useless rev and fix the games(unless you don't know fix game),i am bored to play with a game which has big graphical glitches(HW)or which has a look crappy and pixelated(SW),I don't have CRT monitor for have a nice game, you understand?
ps:sorry you understand nothing!!!!

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you'll never give up, but you will never get what you want, you spoilt little brat.
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nice banning refraction he got what he deserve
isn't enough that the team work hard and spending their time for the project for no payment giving he this wonderful emulator
he could ask the team with more kind and respect

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