ICO GS plugin failure
Hi all, I'm trying to get ICO to work on my system:

pcsx2 0.9.6
Core i7
Win7 x64

And after following the configuration guide i keep getting this error

PCSX2 0.9.6 - compiled on Feb 27 2009
Savestate version: 8b400004
    CPU vendor name =  GenuineIntel
    FamilyID  =  5
    x86Family =  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU         920  @ 2.67GHz
    CPU speed =  2.676 Ghz
    Cores     =  8 physical [8 logical]
    x86PType  =  Standard OEM
    x86Flags  =  bfebfbff 0098e3bd
    x86EFlags =  28000000

    Detected MMX
    Detected SSE
    Detected SSE2
    Detected SSE3
    Detected SSSE3
    Detected SSE4.1

    F1  - save state
    (Shift +) F2 - cycle states
    F3  - load state
Plugin load failure: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pcsx2\plugins\ZeroGS.dll
    SysLibError Message: <NULL>
Bios Version 2.0
Framelimiter rate updated (UpdateVSyncRate): 59.94 fps
MTGS > Thread Started, Opening GS Plugin...
MTGS > GSopen Finished, return code: 0xffffffff

What are the correct settings? I noticed i have dx11 where dx9 and 10 are the only ones referenced, and when i try to run the game it firsts asks me if i want to update dx before giving me the "gs plugin failed to open" error.

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Quote:and when i try to run the game it firsts asks me if i want to update dx before giving me the "gs plugin failed to open" error.

You answered your own question.

and for whatever reason ICO crashes on my system, or locks completely. I wouldn't expect too much (but then again mine could just be a "me" problem)
So i need to downgrade from dx11 to dx9 to use this emulator?
because you have dx11 it doesnt mean its up2date. just do what the pcsx2 says already!!!!!!!!!!! it says that for a reason Tongue
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Pcsx2: Always Latest
Its asking me to install dx9.
install the new DX10/11 runtimes, it will install the missing files from 9 as well
(06-30-2010, 12:06 AM)poof Wrote: Its asking me to install dx9.

Uh where? What's the exact message that's telling you to install DX9?
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Ok i installed dx9 and it works now on 0.9.7, set all the keybindings with my nyko airflow dualshock usb controller which works when i go through the intro, but in the beginning when i end up behind two statutes all i hear is audio and i cant control anything anymore.
is it the NTSC version, or the PAL one?

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