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ICO - Keeps launching girl into orbit
Right after the third save checkpoint "Trolley 1" there's a simple cargo elevator puzzle. After getting the girl on it and pulling the lever, right before stopping the screen turns white; if you look around you can see that the girl is actually a mile up and the cargo/chain/etc are invis. Getting this bug in both the current release(0.9.6) and beta (r3878.) There any ways around this?

Its the Euro version, also using C2Duo E6850, 8800GT

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In the latest 0.9.7 beta, try setting the EE and VU clamping to Full and Extra+Preserve sign (and make sure to load from memcard and not a saved state)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Hmm already had those on, and the memcard too due to a graphics problem I was getting before. Is it possible that this is some sort of physics related bug? When sending the crate back, eventually it pops back in and bounces around violently.
Hm are you sure it's a PCSX2 bug? Maybe play with the round modes too, these are responsible for FPU as well
[Image: newsig.jpg]
There we go, had them set to nearest to fix a white screen of fog; after a few tries changing the ee/fpu to chop while keeping vpu at nearest fixes both.

Big Thanks!

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