ICO Performance and Compatability?
I was thinking about grabbing ICO as I played it when a friend brought it over and I loved it, but I was wondering how it performs on PCSX2? I run an AM2 5200+ @ 3.1GHz with a 8800GT, I get max speeds in Persona 3 (pretty much the only PS2 game I play these days) 100% of the time (PAL so 50fps) so it should run ok, right? Should I bother getting it?

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Yes. It is fully playable and at full speed now and your 3Ghz will get you to really enjoy this awesome game =]
Sweet, thanks! I'll grab it as soon as I'm not completely broke. >_>
Huh, weird. I just got back with my copy and it won't run. It just hangs as soon as it loads up. I've disabled all speed hacks and tried all round mode options but it still doesn't work.
run the game through run->execute instead of run cd/dvd
I'm running it through run CD/DVD.
(04-04-2009, 04:49 AM)tmnt Wrote: I'm running it through run CD/DVD.

I knew you wouldn't get it LaughDD so I rephrased my badass advice.
Oh I see, seems it's still crashing after going through the PS2 boot up sequence however. I got it to boot a few times but realised I was using software rendering and changed it back, now it crashes when it loads up. Damn. I can't run it in software, it's way too slow!
Search the board, I didn't play ICO on PCSX2, but I'm sure a solution was mentioned quite a few times.
Aw, btw, if you want to get more indepth and more badass support you should first bother to post your gsdx and plugin config.
Yeah every solution I've found from searching doesn't work, it either needs software rendering to boot, or it just crashes. Lame.

As far as plugins go, I'm just using the stuff from the latest beta plugin package, and I'm using the latest PCSX2 beta, but I've also tried 0.9.6 which also didn't work.

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