ICO [SCES-50760] - Black frame issue
As visible in the pic, there is a black frame around the picture.

PCSX2 v1.7.4169
Aspect ratio: Tried both Auto and 16:9
3x native (1080p)
Widescreen patch enabled

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I experimented a bit. I do not know of a real solution, but maybe a workaround might help you. If you have a 16:9 monitor and have the widescreen patch enabled, you can try the settings in the attachment. These settings are only for the full-screen (for the window mode i unfortunately do not know a workaround) and maybe you need to change the values a little bit. I have also attached a before and after comparison. Again, this is very experimental, and perhaps there is a better solution for that as well. Unfortunately, i do not have the time to test all this more closely, i am sorry. Mellow

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