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ICO any luck yet? how about the shadow hearts trilogy?
Any luck with these games yet? I only heard that Shadow hearts 1 and 3 work great on Pcsx2, any luck with 2 or ICO yet? Thanks!

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Shadow hearts 2 works in the later betas. Dunno about ICO.
Thank you, shadow hearts 1 and 2 are like the greatest games for the ps2. Im prolly gonna go out later today and buy sh2
Only played a little of Shadow Hearts 2 but it run perfectly, doesn't have any of the problams the 1ยบ has. It run at top speeds too.
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thats great Laugh
Well, praise me, coz I did it just for you - went through my shelf and found an ICO dvd (PAL) Smile

* Tried on a 681 build.

Unfortunately, GSDX refused to bring up the game, and crashed the emulator during bootup.
With ZeroGS it loaded, but was like 10 fps and tons of on-screen garbage. I didn't play with plugin/emu setup to see if anything could be improved, but I don't have much turned on usually which leads me to believe there isn't much that can be done.

Verdict: not playable yet?Sad
Thanks alot cain but i cant complain pcsx2 has gone a far way now, now i can play KH2 and shadow hearts 2 Laugh
what does the abbreviation ICO stand for?

Please and Thank you^^
Chicken is not Vegan?

(02-04-2009, 10:02 PM)kabooz Wrote: what does the abbreviation ICO stand for?

Please and Thank you^^

It's not an abbreviation. ICO is literally the name of the game.
ICO has still lots of SPS, and we don't have a clue yet why (It looks the same on interpreter as on recompiler).
GSdx works fine with it for me though. You need to boot the game with run>execute.

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