ICO running slow
Hi there guys im pretty new to this forum and to this site and fairly new to the pcsx2 to be exact....was just wondering if someone can help me with ICO don't know if anyone has played it.. i just need to know what the best setting are for it and what the best plugins and bios are for the game to run good...it runs really slow and jumps around alot and sometimes doesn't run at all
any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated thanks heaps

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i have a fairly fast computer my specs are high so i don't have a problem with my cpu being to slow or my graphics card not being compatible or anything like that
What exactly are your computer specs? Lots of times when people think they have a fast enough system, they don't.
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Right, ICO is one of the fastest running 3D games.
You could probably play it fine on a 2006 computer Tongue2

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