IGPX problem
the game runs fine and i can get it up to 57 fps most times. but ive noticed if any heavy guy gets hit once they "freeze animation" and cant be moved at all. also my forward and any mechs like him do the same if they leave the ground and land on their feet. Any help would help this has to be one of my favorite games and most races i end up with only one movable mech.

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Make sure you haven't disabled in VU/GS (a lot of "speed up" guides suggest disabling those which causes all sorts of problems). If they are enabled, try turning up their accuracy by setting them to "full" and see if that fixes it.
i tried enabling them and also putting them to full. all it did was slow it down alot. thanks for the help anyways if you think of anything else. i'll try anything. im still kind of new to this.

wait i changed the round mode as well and problem solved. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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