INI conflict
I have a conflict with the emulator *.ini files. When I configure PCSX2 1.0.0 (5350), then PCSX2 0.9.8 (4600) gets bad configured, so most of the save states won't load since they need the same plugins and the same configuration to load as they were saved. I discovered this making test myself.
The problem I can't resolve is that those two versions of PCSX2 store the configuration, the inis folder, in the same path, My documents, and I can't change that, so every time I configure one version well, the other gets bad configuration.
What can I do to solve this? It's very annoying to reconfigure everything everytime I want to change the game.
Please don't tell me that I save the game in the memory card and then use 1.0.0. I tried that but there are some games that are far of a save point... and I even can't remember how to play them.
I need an easy solution for this INI conflict. Please, help me.

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Use the binary installer, which doesn't require an installation to My Documents, you can extract it to where ever you want, so both versions can be separated?
create a portable.ini in one of their directories then copy over the necessary stuff
There's no ini conflict between 0.98 and 1.0. The inis are fully compatible, both backward and forward.

Your issue is that PCSX2 itself cannot handle save states from a different version of PCSX2 because the save states files themselves are not compatible, and probably never will be - save states are for use only with the PCSX2 version which created them, but memory cards don't care about PCSX2 version and are fully backward and forward compatible.
First of all, thank you very much for so many and so fast answers! I'm really glad.

So what it's the point to move the states and the other folders to My documents in order to share saved games and configs between versions? I actually loaded some states from 0.9.8 on 1.0.0. I think the problem appears when I try to load states of games that I played in 0.9.8 with some other plugin, like and updated version of SPU2X instead of the one that cames with 0.9.8 r. 4600...

I'll try the binary option.

How do I create the portable.ini and what I must write in it?

Thank you very much.
Open notepad, leave it blank, save as->choose ALL files and filename portable.ini. And as avih said save states are NOT cross version compatible, so states from 0.9.8 will not work with 1.0.0 and vice versa. Only memory cards are
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(09-10-2012, 02:36 PM)Bositman Wrote: Only memory cards are

...Compatible from one Version to another. Tongue2
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(09-10-2012, 02:36 PM)Bositman Wrote: Open notepad, leave it blank, save as->choose ALL files and filename portable.ini. And as avih said save states are NOT cross version compatible, so states from 0.9.8 will not work with 1.0.0 and vice versa. Only memory cards are

Thank you very much. I knew that save states were not compatible since never loaded between revisions. So I save this file in the PCSX2 revision folder and move all the folders there?

As I asked, so what's the point of make My documents/PCSX2 the default folder for all versions since some revision of 0.9.8 if states are not cross version compatible? Why mix the save states between versions and not leave one folder by revision just like before? Now you must save everything in the memory card, then remove all states and start all over with the new revision...

BTW, I honestly love the emulator. And it's getting better and better over time, luckily. It's one of the very best I've checked, like ePSXe and Dolphin. It's wonderful to be able to play almost every PS2 videogame in HD!

Best regards.
The point is (for same folder for all versions INI files) that:

1. Generally one only has the latest version, since it's usually much better than all previous versions.

2. When you play your games, you can use save states for quick save/load, but you should also occasionally save to the memory card since it's not only more compatible between versions, it's also more reliable than save states.

So with this recommended usage pattern, you should not have issues with save states (since you will always also have a recent memory card save) and you would not have "conflicts" since you only have one main version installed.

If you prefer to have multiple "installs" on the same computer, then you can use the portable version, and have independent versions with independent INI files.

Your choice.
OK, so that's the “special” I'm doing. I've got like four different revisions, two of them with shared files on My documents. That's because I use more save states. I'm starting to use more the memory cards now.
Another reason why I use many revisions is that in some of them some games work better than on others. But that was before I think. With the latest releases all work pretty good, except for a couple of issues and some games that doesn't work well at all in any revision.
I am aware that the emulators thing is very complex.
My problem is solved now. It was not so difficult, luckily. The portable.ini solution worked perfectly.
Thanks and best regards.

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