ISO compression formats?
So I hear about CSO and CHD i am using still using 1.70-dev-107-G711314dfd as my stuff works so i just left it be, but is there any utilities with GUI that can compress this for me? i have 60gb worth iso i have i ripped from my own disc's long ago, that i have not touch few years and would like to  compact them to save space? CSO vs CHD?

i assuming there issue much performance it or draw back to this?

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We prepared some tools here:

Keep in mind that CHD won't work on dev 107, you will need to update if you want to use those, but CSO is fine for ISO's.
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well i just tried maxcso and i save 900mb from 8.3gb iso, which was not worth it to me i will give above a try

found this old post of yours

specifialy the
For PS2 ISOs, I'd recommend the following:

maxcso --block=16384 "%%I"

When I make shortcut with that maxcso.exe --block=16384 "%%I" and drop the iso on it it dont launch, if i do shortcut with maxcso.exe --block=16384 it does launch.

Does this have same effect or am i doing it wrong. made short cuts with command cause less to remeber
the pack that was on the link I gave has a batch file you run and it will convert every ISO in the same folder as those files in to cso and delete the original isos (unless you chose the one with no delete) and they are already set to use the block size thing.

900mb isn't great, but it's not terrible, it will vary from game to game.
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40.5gb worth iso turn into 33gb, and they all start up so i will leave them as this take as is thanks for above link
I updated to newest nightly, all seem to work there too and appreciated that most hack are auto applied now, or maybe i just had set to manual all this time. but most hack i used to fix issue with xenosaga seem to be auto applied.

I dont remeber Xenosaga taking 10+ seconds to switch from game to cutscene with in the game though it rather jarring as look like it freezing,  maybe cause i coverted it all to cso?
I tried with iso format and it  actual took 10+ seconds  there too. i dont remeber it being like that it works
Hey I just noticed PPSSPP also added support for CHD, in the docs it says:

"IMPORTANT! DO NOT use the createcd or createraw commands. createdvd is what you want to use"
"PPSSPP 1.17.1 also supports an additional mode, using zstd for compression, which might perform slightly better"

Does PCSX2 also needs createdvd?
I also tried creating an CHD with zstd and it didn't launch while a version without it did. Are there plans to support it?
It doesn't need it, but..

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